Saturday, June 5, 2010

We're moving!

Haberman Associates' Biopharmconsortium Blog is in the final stages of moving to our own site. You can now find it at

Our new site is now also powered by WordPress. We hope that you like the new format, and the WordPress features. We are new to WordPress, so will be making further improvements as we learn more about the system.

We hope that you will also make use of the other resources on our website,

As you may have noticed, many blogs that start out as Blogspot blogs (hosted by Google's Blogger) eventually change to WordPress, and migrate to the blogger's own site. Now our blog has migrated as well.

We shall keep this old blog online for awhile to help our visitors and subscribers to make the transition to the new site. However, all new posts will appear only on the new blog.

We hope that you will continue to visit the Biopharmconsortium Blog at its new home, and to subscribe to our posts. We also welcome your constructive comments as always.

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