Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some notes on this blog

We started the Biopharmconsortium Blog in July of 2009, so it is relatively new. Since that time, we have posted 21 articles (not including this one), 7 of which were posted in 2010.

The blog has gradually been picking up a following, and it recently made a "Top 50 Biotech Blogs" list. Thanks to Medicareer for honoring our blog in that way. (Haberman Associates has no business or financial relationship with Medicareer, nor do I even know the people there.)

The 21 articles now posted on the blog may at first glance seem to be on random subjects—commentary on recent news and/or recent published scientific reports or business articles, and a few announcements and commentaries on Haberman Associates publications or events. However, there is a strong theme of R&D strategy—especially productive R&D strategies—running through the whole blog.

When we first began the blog, the masthead at the top read “Your place for discussion of scientific and business issues in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and research products industry". Earlier this month, we changed the masthead to read “Expert commentary from Haberman Associates biotechnology and pharmaceutical consulting.” The new heading better reflects what the blog has become since we started it, and also reflects the fact that it is a business blog. Nevertheless, our blog is also a service to the life science community, including companies, academic institutions, and disease organizations and patient advocates. We continue to welcome your comments and discussions of our articles.

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